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Auxiliary & Committee Resources

For all Beth Or auxiliaries, programs and committees, please scan throughout the website to find information pertaining to your group, or type in key words in the search bar at the top right of each page.  Below are some resources to use as you are planning events/programs that require on-site set up or promotion.

Beth Or Brand Materials & Guidelines

  • We encourage all of our auxiliaries, programs and committees to use our Beth Or brand logos, colors and fonts when creating advertising, promotion, communication or other presentation materials.
  • Please contact Judy Trias, Jillian Peskin or Phil Nordlinger to gain access to the following for your use:  Beth Or logo, Auxiliary/Committee logos, Gotham fonts, Power Point Template, Letterhead, Brand Guidelines.

Scheduling an Event/Program

  • An annual calendar meeting takes place each Spring with auxiliary/committee leaders to set up our preliminary schedule for the following fiscal year (July - June). Please contact Phil Nordlinger if you would like to attend this meeting.
  • If you would like to add an event to the calender, email Phil Nordlinger or Jillian Peskin with the requested date/time and brief details. Phil or Jillian must approve the event and clear the date before you may proceed. Once approved, the event will be added to the synagogue internal calendar. We recommend giving ample notice of a proposed new event, as our calendar and space fills up, especially during the busy fall and spring months.

Event/Program Logistics

  • Once your date is approved and you have planned the event/program, contact Phil Nordlinger or Jillian Peskin in the Beth Or Office, 215-646-5806, to review event logistics for set up/tear down or any questions.
  • Please remember to follow these kosher style guidelines if you are serving food as part of your event taking place at Beth Or. Please contact the clergy if you have any questions about the guidelines.

Event/Program Promotion

  • It's important to plan ahead in order to take advantage of the most promotion for your event. While we do not guarantee promotion, we will try our best to use different communication vehicles to get the word out! Please send event details, including title of event, date, time, brief description, contact information, RSVP link and deadline, and a high resolution photo if you have one available (actual image size if sending from your mobile device) to Judy Trias.  Our first step is to add these details to our website calendar.
  • Suggested timing in order to secure advance promotion:
    • Spotlight - minimum the 10th of the month prior to the issue date. Spotlight is our full color magazine e-mailed to the homes of all members around the 1st of September, November, January, March, May, & July. Articles and event details/photos should be sent to Judy Trias and Ellen Wichterman
    • Beth Or Billboard (BOB) - lobby electronic signs - minimum 4 weeks before your event RSVP Deadline. Send your full color slide to Jill Bascove or contact Jill for specs or design assistance. (If you need design assistance, please allow extra time.)
    • Chai Lights - weekly email distributed on Monday. Typically we will pick up event information from the description published on the web calendar, which may be shortened to fit the e-mail format. Promotion in Chai Lights is dependent on the type and number of events coming up.
    • Order of Service Sheet - minimum 2 weeks before your event. Send information to Barbara Murtha. Space is very limited; placement can not be guaranteed.
    • Instagram/Facebook Post - timing varies. Contact Jillian Peskin with details and if possible, share a photo that will enhance the posting. If you share a photo or story from your event on your personal social media, please be sure to tag @CongBethOr so we can add it to our stories, too.
    • All promotion questions should be directed to Judy Trias or Jillian Peskin.

Other Suggestions to Get the Word Out

  • E-mail or text your committee/group and ask them to share the details with their friends. We have found this personal touch to be highly effective and often the most effective way to increase event attendance/participation.
  • Use your personal social media channels to post event details and/or create an invitation.
  • Send a press release before/after the event to the Jewish Exponent and local papers.
  • Take high quality, engaging photos during your event. Send the best ones to Judy Trias or Jill Bascove to add to our Beth Or photo library to use for future promotion. Be sure to send highest resolution possible - if using your cell phone, select "Actual Image Size" when sending the photos to us. Be sure at least a few of your pictures are taken in landscape (horizontal) orientation.

Other questions? Contact Judy Trias or  Jillian Peskin

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