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What ways can parents participate in Zipporah S. Abramson Center for Early Childhood Education at Congregation Beth Or? 
Zipporah S. Abramson Center for Early Childhood Education has a very active Parents Committee, involved in fund-raising and parent social outings. All parents are encouraged to become active in these projects, as well as to be a part of the classroom in instances such as baking for holidays, special classroom activities and all school events. Each classroom needs at least one room parent to help the teachers with special projects.

Do the children play outside? 
We encourage outside play every day, weather permitting. We have two gated outside play spaced. The children enjoy exploring the outdoors especially around our beautiful nature path and ponds. 

Do the children have any extra programs like music during the week? 
All children in our program have music and creative movement classes every week. The three-year-olds and four-year-olds participate in weekly Hebrew classes. We also offer additional dance and sports programs in the afternoons.

What holidays are celebrated? 
Every Friday, the entire school celebrates Shabbat with our clergy. We have a lovely, age appropriate Shabbat service in the Gitlin Sanctuary with a story and songs. We celebrate all the Jewish holidays as well as Thanksgiving. We do not celebrate Halloween or Valentine’s Day at Zipporah S. Abramson Center for Early Childhood Education.

Do the children go on field trips? 
Our 4-year-old classes and our Kindergarten class go on field trips throughout the year. These trips are usually related to a topic they are learning about or a specific holiday or class unit. The trips are always chaperoned by teachers and parents. Some of the extended learning programs include matzah baking, Havdalah candle making, olive press & turkey/pilgrim visit. These programs are offered at school.

Does Zipporah S. Abramson Center for Early Childhood Education serve snacks during the school day?
Our Early care students receive a breakfast-style snack before 8:30am. The morning classes each have a healthy snack during their class times. The children are served vegetables, fruit, cereal, pretzels, crackers and other snack type items. The children bring their lunch to school if they have afternoon classes. Lunches may not contain pork or shellfish products in keeping with Beth Or’s Kosher policy. A snack is also served to classes in the afternoon. We can accommodate children who have food allergies and/or special diets. Zipporah S. Abramson Center for Early Childhood Education is a peanut/nut free school.

Does my child have to be toilet-trained to attend school? 
We do not feel that it is appropriate to pressure a child to become toilet-trained. Every child develops at a different time. For that reason, we do not require two and three-year-olds to be trained. We do expect children in our three-year-old classes to work on toilet training during the school year and our teachers are happy to encourage a routine at school that has been started at home. Four-year-olds are expected to be toilet trained.

How can I find out about your curriculum? 
We invite you to call and make an appointment to visit our school. We’ll be happy to show you our classrooms and share our curriculum at that time. We use Creative Curriculum and the PA Learning Standards to create stimulating, developmentally appropriate lessons for your children. 

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