Lay Leadership

For all leaders – lay and professional - the work is difficult. We are strengthened and uplifted when we approach the tasks with the belief that our work together is for the eternal purpose of keeping Reform Judaism and our congregation vibrant and active.

By serving on the Board, our lay leaders send a powerful message to our congregation that Beth Or is so important that they are willing to take responsibility for it in addition to their work/career, their family, and their other commitments.

Our synagogue is a religious community, a non-profit institution whose values differ from those of most other organizations. Together, with our clergy and other professionals, operating as a three-legged stool, the Board fulfills the responsibility of providing oversight of all operations, setting strategic direction, reviewing and approving our operating budget and financial activity and hiring clergy and senior leadership staff.

Current Officers

David Simon, President

Josh Gottlieb, 1st Vice President

Gwen Silverstein, 2nd Vice President

Leslie Weiss, 3rd Vice President

Jeffrey Green, Secretary

Jonathan Schwartz, Treasurer

E. Matthew Steinberg, Assistant Treasurer

Gary Hershman, Parliamentarian

Allan Posner, Brotherhood President

Jodye Green, Sisterhood President

2018-19 Board Members