Selichot Dinner & Program

Join us for a communal meal and program with a theme of resilience & spirituality that will help draw inspiration as we head into the new year. During our program, you will learn the story behind our new white torah mantles which will be dedicated at the conclusion of our music-filled Selichot Worship service. We will also breakout into 2 workshops focusing on resilience & spirituality.  Choose between the following options:

Art as a meditative/spiritual practice with Allison Levin.  Note - This is a hand-on art activity. Those selecting this option should sign up for Art for both worship sessions.

Relections of Daf Yomi with Aaron Nielsenshultz. Aaron will discuss using text study as a source of nourishment.

Music/Liturgy/Niggunim with Cantors Green & Murley. This session is only offered for the first workship timeslot.

Physical activity as a spiritual practice with Paul Brooks.

RSVP by September 17.

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