The Gitlin Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary


Our sanctuary is the main worship space and heart of Congregation Beth Or. Beth Or means “House of Light” and our renowned 39 stained glass windows that adorn the worship space bring the outside light into our home.

The sanctuary is used for all celebrations and services including High Holy Day services, weekly Shabbat services, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation and Wedding celebrations. Funerals also take place on occasion in our worship spaces. The sanctuary has permanent seating for 400 and can expand to provide seating for up to 1500. If you prefer a more intimate space for your Bar/Bat mitzvah or Wedding, you can also reserve the Jayne Haines Memorial Chapel

A Brief Explanation of the Stained Glass Windows


The seven windows located above the ark depict prayer, bar/bat mitzvah, justice, truth, peace, Torah and community—all concepts near and dear to our congregation. In addition, each of the seven windows represents the seven flames that burnt on the Menorah in the ancient Israelite Tabernacle.

In addition, the ark doors are the same ones that adorned our Spring House building and represent the meeting between God and Moses at the burning bush. The ark is flanked by two scenes, creation to the right and redemption to the left.

The window over the ark represents God’s first revelation to Moses at the Burning Bush. The ark itself is housed in a curved Jerusalem stone covered wall rising from the bema.The Ner Tamid, or Eternal Light, glowing over the ark, was designed specifically for Beth Or and symbolizes the eternal presence of God.