Beth Or Travel 2019

Travel with your Beth Or friends.

Choose from 3 exciting trip options!

Family Vacation in Israel

August 15 – 25, 2019

Trip Leaders: Aaron Nielsenshultz & Jillian Peskin

Beth Or parents (and/or grandparents) and children are invited to join Aaron and Jillian on a journey of inspiration, education and excitement. Experience Israel from ancient history to modern innovation. Feel the energy of Israel from the city of Tel Aviv to the desert. This family trip includes camels, kayaks and jeep outdoor adventures. Click on the image to view trip details and registration information.

Contact Aaron Nielsenshultz, 215-646-5806, ext. 232 with any questions.

Amazing Spain and Portugal

October 22 - November 4, 2019

Trip Leaders:  Rabbi Gregory and Laurie Marx

Join Rabbi and Laurie on an exploration of Spain and Portugal from a Jewish cultural perspective.  Destinations include Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo Cordoba, Seville, Granada, and Lisbon. Click on the image for trip itinerary details and registration information.

Contact Rabbi Marx, 215-646-5806, ext. 222 with any questions.

Teen Trip to Israel

December 19 - 29, 2019

Trip Leader: Aaron Nielsenshultz

Aaron Nielsenshultz will lead a special Israel experience tailored to teens. From camel-riding in the desert to urban adventures in Tel Aviv, our youth will make lifelong connections, be immersed in Israeli culture and learn about the challenges and triumphs of the nation.  Click on the image to view trip details and registration information.

Contact Aaron Nielsenshultz, 215-646-5806, ext. 232 with any questions.